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We have a wide range of solar products to fit your needs.  We have solar fans, solar refrigerators, solar air conditioners, solar freezers, solar generators and a host of other products to bring  electricity to on and off grid areas.

Solar Fan

Solar Home Systems

We are Greencrest Energy Power Supply Co.

Your Solar Energy Distribution Company

Greencrest Energy Power Supply Company is Limited Liability Company registered in Nigeria whose mission is to provide a continuous, reliable affordable power supply to residential customers, schools, hospitals, hotels, government facilities and commercial industrial businesses, just to mention a few. Greencrest - a solar system company can provide solution for all of your energy needs.

The goal of the company is to bring Nigeria into the 21st century by providing the most current and innovative solar energy products and services. Our main focus is on research and development, manufacturing, distribution, sales and service of complete Green energy-solar power system and solar electronic equipment, making "high efficiency and energy saving" as our development direction. The product of the  company  mainly consists of five categories: First category is solar/wind power system products, including solar panels, power controller and stand-alone power inverter, etc. This is to provide power for residential, commercial and government properties as a back up to  power supply by the government. It is also to provide power to those remote areas that  never have power supply before. The second category is to supply solar powered appliances to replace the high energy consuming products. These include: solar air-conditioners, solar fans, solar refrigerators and solar freezers. The third category is solar street lights, garden lights and solar security lights. The forth category is the Solar Water Pumps for livestock watering, irrigation, pond, open tank, remote homes/cabins and drinking water. Fifth category is solar accessories including: chargers for cell-phones, laptop, flashlights, lanterns, lamps, radio, watches and a variety of indoor and outdoor lights and decorative items.

We also offer consulting services to business and industry to provide a Turn-key Energy Solution to bring your business into the 21st century. Think of how much you will save in energy cost when you have reliable source of power for your business.

Consultation, Sales, Installation,
Service, and Maintenance

  We offer Solar EnergySolutions

Are you tired of the irregular power supply?

Are you tired of your neighbor’s generator making all that noise?

Are you tired of continued promises of energy supply?

Do you want a safe and efficient electricity supply to your home and business?

Do you want continuous uninterrupted power supply?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then contact us to design a solution for you!

No Petrol! No Noise! No Fumes!

Solar VS Coal

Roof Top Solar

Here's a 5.6kW microinverter self installation from one of our customers in Lagos, Nigeria

Call us for your free quote for your Solar products

Greencrest Solar offers a wide range of solar products and accessories, including Refrigerators, Freezers, Fans, Air Conditioners, Lights, Street lights, and Water Pumps. We offer maintenance and service for all products we well.

We also offer consulting services to business and industry to provide a Turn-Key Energy Solution to bring your business into the 21st Century.  Think of how much you will save in energy cost when you have a reliable source of power for your business.
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Our salesmen are available  Monday-Friday from 9-7PM and Saturday 9-5PM
You can contact us via email or phone.  We are always there to assist youwith your questions about our solar products. Call or email us to schedule a free estimate.

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2 Kpak Crescent, Kurmin Mashi
Kaduna Nigeria 800727

+ 234-803-700-9938 - Nigeria
+ 832-545-8854 - USA

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