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Greencrest Solar distributes and installs solar energy products for residential customers, schools, hospitials, hotels, government facilities and commercial industrial business.  We also design and build solar farms for large scale off grid electrical products.  These farms can be used in rural areas that have never had electricity before.  We also sell a variety of solar appliances such as  solar refrigerators, solar fans, solar air conditioners, solar freezers,  lanterns, led lights, and chargers for cell phones and lap tops.  
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Our expertise

  1. Managing Director
    Solar Farm
    African City

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  2. Managing Director
    Solar Air Conditioner
    Kaduna International Trade Fair

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  3. Managing Director
    Solar Water Pump
    African Village

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  4. Managing Director
    Solar Farm

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Our salesmen are available  Monday-Friday from 9-7PM and Saturday 9-5PM
You can contact us via email or phone.  We are always there to assist youwith your questions about our solar products. Call or email us to schedule a free estimate.

Contact information

2 Kpak Crescent, Kurmin Mashi
Kaduna Nigeria 800727

+ 234-803-700-9938 - Nigeria
+ 832-545-8854 - USA

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