At Greencrest solar, we offer state of the art solar energy solutions that helps businesses, goverment parastatals and Individuals acheive clean, renewable and low cost energy. We specialize in the following services:

DC Power Units

Two-Ways charging (AC/Solar)
USB Socket to charge Mobile Phones. 
it comes with Bulb is Indoor and Outdoor use,
it comes with a Long lifespan battery for emergency energy when grid power off
with 5years warranty  

Two-Ways charging (AC/Solar)
FM Radio, USB pot, powerpot for DC Appliances, 
it comes with Bulbs for Indoor and Outdoor use,
and a Long lifespan battery for emergency lighting when power off
with 5years warranty.

From N65,000-N200,000/piece
MOQ: 1piece


AC Solar power Units 

Off-grid power generator
Solar Panel, Faster Sun Charge
system with status display.
Full supply whole night.
Support 2 nights lighting.
Deep cycle Battery

Power generator
Solar Panel, Faster Sun and AC Charge
system with status display, 
Full supply whole night
Support 2 nights lighting
Deep cycle Battery

From N130,000/Piece
MOQ: 1Piece



24 Mabinuori Street,
Shangisha, Ikosi  
Lagos State,


Email: info@greencrestsolar.com
Phone: +234 (0) 901 830 6824 
WhatsApp: 0901 830 6824


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